Thursday, 31 July 2014

Photographer: Colm Henry

I'm finally starting to put up the Art & Photography that we own! Much debating has been going on {in my head, mostly!} and placing of frames on walls. Questions asked, like, "How high should I place the frame? How much Art can one room take? And quite simply, Does it suit the room?". So, the fun has begun and I must say, I'm quite excited. I love Photography equally as much as a Painting, so it's apt that one of the first frames to go up on our wall was a photo that I purchased for my U2 - loving husband about 5 years ago. One cold, winter's evening in Dublin, I met photographer, Colm Henry in the Davenport Hotel to pick up my purchase. Colm lives outside of Dublin and so we met in this city centre location. I was familiar with his work. There really isn't one famous Irish musician/band that Colm didn't photograph during the 1980's/90's. His portfolio is much broader than this but this is what he is well-known for. We had said that we would meet in the foyer and he handed over the lovely, large, black frame with my choice of print. To say I was pleased is an understatement. I paid for it and was saying goodbye when he said, " Do you want to have a cup of tea?". Well, if you ever hear of an Irish girl refusing a cup of tea, let me know?! A lovely chat ensued and he was able to give me a little background on the photo: As it's quite unusual and quirky, it was cool to hear that the band were on location in Italy when they came across a Wedding. But, this wedding had already taken place and everything was left behind. There were still half drunk wine bottles on the table! The table was beautifully placed in front of a stunning view and the boys were in a playful mood. As they joked about, Larry ended up with Bono's signature hat on his head and the shot was taken. Wonderful, I think you'll agree? Art is so subjective. To know what YOU like is the most important thing. Nothing else matter's. So, have fun with your Art. If it means something personally to you {such as my own late dad's paintings/photography}, I think it's all the better. But, you can make new memories too.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Showcasing: Hilda Living Textile Design

I have an unusual name. So, believe me, it's not everyday I come across a wonderful company bearing it!! But that's exactly what happened about 6 months ago when I discovered and their beautiful embroidered home accessories. Rebecca Williams is based in Cornwall { I know! I'm becoming a little obsessed! } and runs her online business from there. She named the company after her Grandmother, Hilda Williams, who was an exquisite embrioderer. Anyone who follows my Facebook page will know that I have been drooling over linen/material napkins and I really love the Hilda Living range. But they have much more: Delicate Buttons, Cute Tea Cosies, Stunning Lampshades and Gorgeous Cushions all make up a wonderful collection of which I have shown simply a taster of here. And the last image just had to go to Rebecca's Granny, who influenced her hugely when she visited a retrospective of her work in Hampton Court Palace when she was little. I think you'll agree that the detail has a timeless beauty. I'd like to thank Rebecca for being so supportive in my writing this blog & wish her continued success in the future xx

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Out & About: Tesco Finds

Don't get me wrong. I love a bit of luxury as much as the next person but funds don't always allow, eh? If you want to stay 'on trend' or simply update your home on a budget, the high street can be great! On a recent trip to Tesco, I spotted quite a bit of Coastal themed lovin' going on with some really great Hurricane Lanterns for example, mixed in with some pretty storage baskets | Really affordable lighting in the shape of a Retro Desk Lamp and trendy wooden-legged lamp | Some Monochrome Vases that reminded me of the style of Designer Kelly Hoppen | An adorable collection of Clocks: personal favourites are the coloured ( yellow + grey ) clocks from 'Jones Clocks' and the 'Rowington' clock which is suitable for outdoor use too! And, as I'm a sucker for Office Storage at the moment, these lovely examples from Tesco's own range, Sanderson and the wonderful Kirsty Allsopp caught my eye! Do you mix high street with high end? Or is it one or the other for you?! I'd love to hear your feedback xx

Friday, 11 July 2014

Sands Resort Hotel, Porth, Cornwall

It was 4 years since our last visit to this lovely, family friendly Hotel and I'm pretty sure it had had a re-vamp since we were here last. That, or I didn't have my Design Hat on at all, and didn't notice Blue Eames Eiffel Chairs in the Bar. I'm still not ruling this out! Well, this time I took a few shots of the mainly Coastal themed interiors of the Hotel and enjoyed the calming atmosphere that this created. Our room had fresh yellows, greys and greens. Some pretty photo wall art of Cornish seas and surf set the scene! The adults only lounge had vibrant yellows and muted aubergine walls with pretty cool pendant lights that could be seen in other parts of the hotel (See Bar Pic) - made of material and gave a really lovely light effect. I thought that the framed Retro Seaside photo prints scattered around the lounge were very cute. I just had to include a photo of the view of the walk just across the road from the hotel too...So, if you're NOT a fan of Coastal Themed Interiors, Look Away Now!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Visit to Mount Usher Gardens, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

An old friend of mine and his family are back in Ireland on holiday & when we were looking for somewhere to meet with the kids, he suggested Mount Usher Gardens, Co. Wicklow. As I had never been, I was pretty excited to A. Meet up with everyone and B. See the gardens I had heard a lot about. They didn't dissapoint! But what I didn't expect was all the beautiful stores that were in the Courtyard before we entered the Gardens. As it was a family visit, I didn't really get to peak much inside but, um, this is just an excuse to return, eh? We entered from the side, so the first little gem I came across was the Vintage Green House with Vintage Tea Cups mixed in with perennials | Huge Tin (I think!) pots in the Courtyard held beautiful Succulents which I adore and am seeing in many a Design publication at the moment. They look like my kinda plant as I think that i may just be able to keep them alive?! | Strawbridge, was just so inviting & I am certain has many treasures inside, as even outside the store, these garden sculptures were gently moving in the breeze | I'm a sucker for a pretty Loo (!) and as I walked in, I was greeted with a cute sign and planter/a gorgeous Chandelier/a cute seating area/a cool mirror & a lovely knob on the back of the door | After our trip to the gardens, we had to stop by at the Retro Ice - Cream Parlour with it's Candy Stripe Walls, Colourful Shelving and Retro Pendant Lights and a very clever use of wall art that I saw once previously, where you highlight one colour on a black & white print - very effective! Can you name all the famous faces?! I HAVE to leave you with some photo's of the Gardens, huh? All images © Hilda by Design. Hope you enjoyed my little taster of this amazing spot, "created by four generations of the Walpole Family over a period of 112 years" {Source: } and now owned by Irish Company, Avoca. Have you visited? I will definitely be back xx