Monday, 23 June 2014

Japanese Washi Tape & Me!

OK. So, the wallpaper accent wall in my dining space is just aching for the gorgeous wallpaper that I picked out many months ago. Problem: it's expensive. Me: On a budget. Solution: Wait 'till I can afford it, as nothing I have seen can better it for me & have fun with the space until I can purchase it! This is where Japanese Washi Tape is gonna help me out! I'm gonna place some of my favourite inspirational words/quotes and pop them up on the wall with the tape. After all this area is going to house my office nook, so, I'll be needing all the inspiration I can get when I am studying Interior Design! So, I'll leave you with this example from leboxboutique on etsy of some beautiful tape | an example of what kind of thing I will be doing, from Smitten Studios via | 'my' wallpaper from the amazing Ellie Cashman and one of the examples of inspirational words that will just have to go up on the wall, from

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