Thursday, 26 June 2014

Showcasing: Shady and the lamp

I came across this fantastic company back in October of last year at the Ideal Home Show in Dublin. Their stand caught my eye! I got chatting with the owner (whose card I have since mislaid...) and admitted my dismay that I had just thrown out a beautiful lamp stand that upon reflection (and meeting her), I could have passed on to her to work her magic & make it beautiful again. Rookie Mistake! Won't be making that one again in a hurry! I have been following them since & they are just going from strength to strength. Didn't you hear? Vintage is back! I'll leave you with their latest creation which I think is just lush! Don't you?

Monday, 23 June 2014

Japanese Washi Tape & Me!

OK. So, the wallpaper accent wall in my dining space is just aching for the gorgeous wallpaper that I picked out many months ago. Problem: it's expensive. Me: On a budget. Solution: Wait 'till I can afford it, as nothing I have seen can better it for me & have fun with the space until I can purchase it! This is where Japanese Washi Tape is gonna help me out! I'm gonna place some of my favourite inspirational words/quotes and pop them up on the wall with the tape. After all this area is going to house my office nook, so, I'll be needing all the inspiration I can get when I am studying Interior Design! So, I'll leave you with this example from leboxboutique on etsy of some beautiful tape | an example of what kind of thing I will be doing, from Smitten Studios via | 'my' wallpaper from the amazing Ellie Cashman and one of the examples of inspirational words that will just have to go up on the wall, from

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Carolyn Donnelly

A while ago, Jedda Downey, of Neville's Doorstep Challenge fame, popped up on twitter a chair from Carolyn Donnelly's Eclectic Range for Dunnes Stores. To say I am a fan of CD is a wee bit of an understatement! This is the lady that brought COLOUR back into my life! I was passing the wonderful George's Street branch of 'Dunnes' recently and there she was. In all her glory. THE CHAIR. Not Carolyn. Whatchathink?

Thursday, 12 June 2014

'Pennys' Finds!

Anyone who has been following me on my Design page knows by now that when I am 'out & about', I love to take photo's! If I am in a Café/Hotel/Store, my trusty smartphone just can't help but pop out of my bag and snap what I find. I was in my local Penneys store yesterday (...soon to be in the USA peeps!) and I just love the way high street stores adapt trends for people on a budget. Don't get me wrong, I love a high end product as much as the next person but my family budget doesn't always allow, so, for the moment, Penneys it is! Here are some budget friendly Wall Art | Some cute Clustered Frames which could be easily painted to suit your décor and some gorgeous Cushions: (pugs are the 'doggy du jour' at the moment, it seems)  I love this Camera cushion and the Scrabble letters cushion would brighten up any home! Hope you enjoy my little selection xx

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

This quote got me thinking...

So, this one got me thinking. I am reading ALOT at the moment about Interior Design. In fact, bar the odd article in a newspaper, it's pretty much All i'm reading at the moment! I popped this quote up on my Design page this morning and the general consensus was that, yup, this is true. But, it's got me questioning. I agree 90%: this percentage is made up of "If you love it and want it, (and can afford it!), buy it and you will find a place for it. Because you love it. You will make it work": I have always believed this, however I am not alone in this thought so by no means do i make claim to it (Jane Gilheaney Barry recently adhered to this in a Blogpost on That Curious Love of Green for example). I am presuming in the quote, the 'price' is referring to the fact that your item may NOT be expensive? That's how i'm reading it anyway. Otherwise, um, budget DOES come into it for most people, in these more frugal times. And anyway, who doesn't love a bargain? That feeling that you have purchased something for your home and not had to pay the earth?! I guess, one of the aspects of the popular 'upcycling' movement can be atributed to this. But here is where my 10% of wondering comes: It's NO SURPRISE to any of you who knows me, that my favourite Interior's programme of recent times has been The Great Interior Design Challenge. I attribute this programme to sealing my decision to study Interior Design. I could talk solely about this programme, but, maybe that's a future post! In it, in one episode,  Daniel Hopwood & Sophie Robinson remarked on how a contestant had placed a chair, i think, in an Art Deco room which was not the same era. Um...I liked the, i was left a little perplexed. I am guessing that when I do my course, i will learn more about this, but, I am thinking that this mixing of era's, when the brief was Art Deco, was a big No No. So, how far is too far when it comes to mixing of era's? There you go. There's my opinion. For what it's worth. Would love to hear what you think, so, please feel free to comment below.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Showcasing Irish Design

I found myself in Kilkenny Design Store at the weekend after a Hen/Bachelorette night out. No. I did NOT make the suggestion to go there, someone else did, but I happily obliged! Kilkenny Stores are celebrating 50 years of showcasing Irish Design and whenever I am in Kilkenny itself, I love to visit this branch as not only is it jam packed with loveliness, the building itself, just across from the Castle gates, is spectacular. Beautiful linen textiles caught my eye first. I was introduced to Gail Kelly Designs and confirmed that Jennifer Slattery's napkins will definitely be adorning my table at some stage. Amidst the gorgeous cushions and linens, Orla Kiely gets her very own section *sigh* and then, just upstairs, you can pause for coffee, treats and scrummy food under stunning Beams, Brick and Industrial Style lighting. Some amazing Art Work covers the walls also. I'll leave you with a little peak through a window of the beautiful courtyard, leading to the Craft section which I didn't have time to pop into today. Oh well, I'll just have to go back...

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Channeling my Inner Gatsby

A Hen/Bachelorette party? Yes Please! A Gatsby theme? I'm there!! I love the both the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods. So much so, for my French Dissertation in College, this is what I chose to talk about. Last Autumn at the Ideal Homes Show in Dublin, the Showhouse, designed by Arlene McIntyre, had the Gatsby theme. The Movie version of the  F. Scott Fitzgerald classic had been transformed by Baz Lurhmann and Gatsby themed parties were all the rage, dahling. I took a few photo's while I was there ( mostly lighting i now notice! ) and thought I would share them with you. The last two photo's are a little peek at some of my own Gatsby inspired attire for the forthcoming weekend's Shenanigans! Pop that Bubbly girls, I'm on my way xx