Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Great Interior Design Challenge: Series 2

Disclaimer: I started watching the programme just after 10pm, finished watching at 12am and I am writing this blog at 12.30am. Dedicated or Crazy - You Choose!
BBC2 started the new series of 'The Great Interior Design Challenge'   last night at 7pm and I was very eagerly awaiting it. This programme   burst on my screen last year and convinced me that a career in Design, in some shape or form {I'm still figuring that out!} was, well, forgive destiny. I poured over each word, pausing the television, rewinding, taking notes. And last night was no different. Except, this is Nine Months on + I have spent this time self-teaching, started blogging and designing our own house.
So, Kids asleep,feet up with a cuppa and my cosy jeans on, I started to watch...
The properties last night were 17th Century Cotswolds Cottages in the Village of Bibury. The Series Presenter, Architectural Historian, Tom Dyckhoff, mentioned that a Design Hero of mine, William Morris was once quoted saying that this was "The most beautiful village in England" {1860's} and I'd struggle to argue with the man. 3 designers, Francesca, Scott and Fiona got the brief for members of the same family, who lived in neighbouring cottages. Here is an example {a screen-grab} of each of their Mood Boards:

...with her own delicate take on 'Shabby Chic'


...with a Modern Twist on the Country Cottage


...a lover of Colour + Fabric, with an Industrial Edge
With Mummy & Daddy Design looking on, as they presented these to the Clients...
Judges and Respected Interior Designers,
Sophie Robinson + Daniel Hopwood
Francesca's mum is an Artist and her fluidity of Design reflected this Artistic background; Scott has an extremely Technical job and his Design was very precise and modern and Fiona has a Stunning house and designed this herself, with an Eclectic Style. During the programme we recieve extra information about the Architecture, background information about the houses themselves + Design Tips {...last night's episode nearly had me cracking open the Chalk Paint mid viewing!}. Each Designer is also given some kind of object to personalise & incorporate into their room: Last night's was a Floor Lamp. So, Who Won? What did the rooms look like? Well, here's a little Before & After but I'll let YOU decide who you thought should win {er, if you didnt watch it yet?!!}. First up is Francesca:
Beautiful Beams!





Pretty Detail...

...and Family Treasures, Framed + Displayed





As the room was very Dark, Scott used a lot of different Light fixtures to brighten the space...

...and favoured a similar themed pattern throughout





An Example of the Personalised Object: Fiona went for an Industrial Style with her Floor Lamp 

She converted a Coffee Table into a Foot Stool...

...and showed her knowledge of Colour + Fabric, with her use of Cushions in the Window Seat + Sofas
The next episode airs tonight and, I'm a little tired now but already I cant wait. The next group of Designers have the Challenge of showing their skills with stunning Beach Huts in Dorset.
If you are a Facebook Fan, keep up to date with the programme on the series' fan page at or if, like me {@mcevoyhilda}, you are a Twitter fan, #GIDC is the most fun way to follow + interact with the programme + it's Design Obsessed Fans!
I'll leave you with a lovely moment, when, Gillian, Francesca's Client, came in to her room. She said: "I've waited a long time for it {her own space}...MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE"
Well, if I can hear that from even ONE future Client on my Design Journey, I'll know I've chosen the right career xx The very best of luck to Francesca, Scott + Fiona on theirs!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Wednesday Morning Chat ♥

Just when you thought I was done talking about Copenhagen...
It's an awful day here in Dublin, Ireland but I have been cheering myself up by taking out some of my small purchases from the trip a few weekends ago. A highlight for me was a visit to the flagship store of Royal Copenhagen on the main shopping street, Amagertorv. If you ever get a chance to visit this building, don't pass it up as the minute I walked in, I knew i was in Scandi Heaven!
The main display that greeted me when I walked in had a beautiful example of "a new take on an Old Danish Papercutting Tradition" by Designer and Artist Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen. I'm so sad that I had no Camera with me due to battery dying {rookie-never-gonna-happen-again-mistake} but I am sharing with you my example of her work which is currently hanging in my hall. It could easily go on the Christmas tree but I think, with the Irish Tradition of Halloween/Oiche Samhain coming up, it's a Spooky addition to our hall, don't you think?

A small example of these beautiful, hand-cut creations, that also came in White

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Colours of Copenhagen - a Smorgasbord!

Pardon the opening 'Valley Girl' sentence but I've wanted to go to Copenhagen for, like, FOREVER! It's true. It actually became a bit of a running family joke, as one of the first things my mum said to my then new - boyfriend {now = Hubbie} was 'She really wants to go to Copenhagen. You should take her'. Well, Mum, 10 years later; he did.
We were 7 years married last Sunday & my wonderful Hubbie had booked our first 2 nights away from the kids, ever, in Wonderful Copenhagen. I had a zillion things I wanted to do. Top of the list was the Designmuseum Danmark.  But, well, a very different weekend evolved. It evolved. That was the beauty of it. I very quickly realised that I didn't need to go to the Designmuseum as Copenhagen IS a design museum. A living one. Guys, we didn't even visit The Little Mermaid. Shame on us! But we both left, wanting to come back as we felt we only scratched the surface.
What struck me was the Colours of Copenhagen, so I've put together a little Smorgasbord!. 

I also decided to publish my photo's as is. I'm feeling a little realism doesn't go amiss sometimes, so I haven't tinted or cropped, but left the colours natural for you to see...
This is what greeted us at Copenhagen Airport!

The hanging Street Lights

The foyer of Arne Jacobsen's SAS Royal Hotel - A Mecca for Danish Design

His Famous Egg visitor chair

I ♥Finnish Design company - Marimekko

Leading to the Royal Palace, my Hubbie noticed this beautiful flame which announced an Artist's Atelier...

...and a beautiful Courtyard, which led to...

Amazing sculpture by and Contemporary African Art by his Dad!

While we didn't visit the Palace, I was mesmorised by the Theatre Museum which was the private Theatre to the King

Our Boutique Hotel, chosen by my Hubbie, who I've nicknamed 'Mr. Tripadvisor'!

The trendy Meatpacking District, Vesterbro, near our Hotel, where we rambled around for hours last Sunday

The Metro Works become an opportunity for Street Art

Getting Lost is half the fun

Even parking your bicycle is a work of art

The Tivoli Gardens had just opened their Halloween Festival + I took this photo at the entrance♥
I really hope you enjoyed a little taste of Copenhagen, Denmark with me, Hilda by Design (Facebook/Pinterest/Google+ and twitter @mcevoyhilda) 
All photos are my own & if I am lucky enough for you to think them worthy of sharing, please credit me with the appropriate link.
Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you thought of the blog below?