Friday, 18 April 2014

Visit to the Japanese Gardens and National Stud,Co. Kildare, Ireland

Anyone who knows me well, will know about my love for Japan and pretty much all things Asian! But particularly Japanese Design, Art and Customs interest me. I have never been but it is most definitely a country on my wish list! Yesterday was a family day and we decided to bring the kids to the Japanese Gardens and National Stud in Co. Kildare, Ireland. I think that I can trace back the love for Japan to when I was brought there as a kid but this trip, although it was most definitely a family trip, was also made with my 'design hat' on! Even the simple entrance had me sighing: with it's simple circular handles and red doors. Just inside at the reception, some pretty botanicals caught my eye: simple roman blinds, a green sofa, some cute cushions and a beautiful map on the wall. St. Fiachra's Monastic cell could have done with a bit of a revamp! Hee! The beautiful wooden sculptures of animals that were dotted around the stud may be made from driftwood? And that leads me to the Japanese gardens themselves: They chronicle the life of man and you are greeted at first with signs, asking you which path you would like to take. I took the Path of Life of course! The Bridge of life is striking in the middle of the garden, but the Tea House was always my favourite. I really hope to take part in a Japanese Tea Ceremony someday. I love the simplicity of design, don't you? As the blossoms are in full bloom at the moment, the view towards the Ancient Sunken Oak Forest in the Lake was really beautiful, and it's there I'll leave you this morning. Hope you enjoyed a little taste of Japan from Ireland xx


  1. I went to Japan Day in Phoenix park last weekend, it was lovely! Did you go? I was in Japan in 2007 and loved it, would love to go back! Lovely post Hilda x

  2. Noooo, Ketty! I heard about it too late! Boo Hoo! Must look out for it next year. So cool that you have been to Japan!! Someday, I'll get there and hopefully my blog posts will better by then, but thanks for your kind words xx I really appreciate the support xx

  3. Just lovely Hilda. Good photos and enjoyed the walk through. Have you visited the little Japanese garden ( just off the secret garden with roses at Bell tower) in St Anne's Park?

    1. No, Sue! Thanks for letting me know! I'll pop on my Kimono and just pretend I'm already in Japan! Lol! Thanks loads for the lovely words xx