Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Confessions of a TIGER Stores Hack!

Ok. I have a confession to make. I love Denmark (...even tho' I haven't visited yet!). I love Danish Design. I love TIGER Stores. How many confessions was that?!! One of the things I love about Tiger Stores is, apart from being affordable, they, similar to IKEA invest in different designers and they just, well, CARE about their design! Every time I pop in, I see something I want to buy and turn it into something else. On this occasion, it was these beautiful ceramics by Rebecca (I'm afraid I don't have her surname), that made me want to buy the lot. Monochrome is a trend that never goes out of fashion but happens to be still on trend. Her tiles caught my eye. I would love to place a few behind my kitchen hob but as I knew that would be a bigger job at the moment, I bought a few and placed the large one as a kind of centre piece on my kitchen table and the other, smaller one as a rest for my pasta essentials. I have another which I am still hoping to incorporate into my backsplash. Do you do this? Do you love Tiger Stores as much as me?

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