Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Visit to Mount Usher Gardens, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

An old friend of mine and his family are back in Ireland on holiday & when we were looking for somewhere to meet with the kids, he suggested Mount Usher Gardens, Co. Wicklow. As I had never been, I was pretty excited to A. Meet up with everyone and B. See the gardens I had heard a lot about. They didn't dissapoint! But what I didn't expect was all the beautiful stores that were in the Courtyard before we entered the Gardens. As it was a family visit, I didn't really get to peak much inside but, um, this is just an excuse to return, eh? We entered from the side, so the first little gem I came across was the Vintage Green House with Vintage Tea Cups mixed in with perennials | Huge Tin (I think!) pots in the Courtyard held beautiful Succulents which I adore and am seeing in many a Design publication at the moment. They look like my kinda plant as I think that i may just be able to keep them alive?! | Strawbridge, was just so inviting & I am certain has many treasures inside, as even outside the store, these garden sculptures were gently moving in the breeze | I'm a sucker for a pretty Loo (!) and as I walked in, I was greeted with a cute sign and planter/a gorgeous Chandelier/a cute seating area/a cool mirror & a lovely knob on the back of the door | After our trip to the gardens, we had to stop by at the Retro Ice - Cream Parlour with it's Candy Stripe Walls, Colourful Shelving and Retro Pendant Lights and a very clever use of wall art that I saw once previously, where you highlight one colour on a black & white print - very effective! Can you name all the famous faces?! I HAVE to leave you with some photo's of the Gardens, huh? All images © Hilda by Design. Hope you enjoyed my little taster of this amazing spot, "created by four generations of the Walpole Family over a period of 112 years" {Source: www.mountushergardens.ie } and now owned by Irish Company, Avoca. Have you visited? I will definitely be back xx


  1. Love this post Hilda. It is a place I have heard of but never had the pleasure of visiting. It is definitely going on my list. Beautiful photos and description. And an old style ice cream parlour. I am smitten<3 sounds like you had a lovely time. X

    1. Sue, thanks so much for taking the time to comment xx I KNOW you would love it! You will have to visit. Thanks for your lovely words also xx