Sunday, 14 September 2014

A little Monday Morning Chat!

Good Morning! I normally start off my week on my Facebook page with a little 'Hi' after the weekend & this mornings was getting pretty chatty, so I decided to pop it into a blog! Hope your weekend was fab? Ours was a flurry of Birthday parties {Yay!} and a Goodbye party {Sniff!}...So, it's a tired Hilda greeting you today!

It's Our Bedroom that I'm concentrating on this week. It needs an 'Autumn Clean' as I just realised that, out of all of the areas in the house, my vision for this room is the foggiest...I have some ideas of course, but I have chopped and changed on just how much colour I want to introduce. I had thought of a beautiful blast of Chinoiserie wallpaper behind our bed, but then, as I lay in bed one morning, a little "over tired" {Irish Code for Severely Hungover} from the night before, I felt maybe it may be a little too much. I enjoyed the Calm & Serenity that our nearly All White Bedroom was giving me...So! I'm going to Chronicle my little Bedroom Journey. There may be chops & changes but hey, that's the process and I may ask your advice a little along the way too. For the moment, I'm thinking mostly Neutral with some bursts of Colour but it's exactly HOW much colour that will remain to be seen. Here's my first glimpse of 'Pinspiration' - I love the Lamp, the Textures, the Glam feel it's evoking...You? And I've also popped up the original image that made me a Chinoiserie convert. So, See you back here soon for more bedroom fun! Oo'er Missus!!


  1. Love both. Think I'd personally go with the muted neutrals they're timeless and you're less like to want to change them in 3 months. �� beautiful post can't wait to see your creation �� xx

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Soibhan xx And for your lovely words. That's what I'm leaning towards at the moment! With small kids, our bedroom has to be somewhere relaxing & soothing...Think I have to have a little colour tho, so I'll just have to figure out exactly how much!

    2. Er...Siobhan, sorry for dodgy spelling of your name! Obviously spell check would like you to spell it differently!