Thursday, 11 September 2014

Share It Friday #2

Friday? Again? Hope you've had a great week. Mine's been busy but good and here's a little round up of what's caught my attention + what I've been up to!
The lovely Marian from has just announced a list of very exciting cooking demo's with Miele at City West Business Camp. Hope to make at least one myself! To book, click on the above link.

Candle Crush #1 from amazing Irish company And they are €3 each. Yup. You read that right!

Candle Crush #2 is a limited edition and a collaboration from two of my favourite companies: Dyptique  +  Liberty London. Photo Source: Dyptique

Tiger Stores Ireland came up trumps yet again with these Ceramic knobs, retailing at €2 each. There is quite a selection. This is the combination I choose!

...And here's one in situ! On the door under our stairs which shall be  'made over' further; just haven't decided exactly what to do yet! {It will most likely involve wallpaper/paint!}

When I saw these Geometric Bowls from Dunnes Stores on line, I instantly fell in love with them.  They fit in beautifully with the Colour Clash that is occuring in my Dining Area!

I just couldn't resist popping up a pic of the beginnings of my Paleo breakfast the other day-just to show you how pretty everything looks in them + I love the deepness!

I repurposed a frame I recieved at the recent wedding I attended and popped a postcard in it that I  got at the Parisian Costume Exhibition at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle way back in March. I have 3 other postcards and they are going to go up in my downstairs loo!

Just to show you what the frame will look like against a sample of Farrow & Ball's Silvergate: my chosen wallpaper

#fridayfunny Courtesy of Clontarf Wines; photo taken by me!
Have a great one!! And, as always, I love to hear your feedback xx


  1. Ah Hilda, love the bowls ... Didn't know you follow the paleo diet? Love you to post more on that �� xx

  2. Thanks so much for commenting, Siobhan + delighted you love the bowls! I wonder did one of my favourite Irish designer's, Carolyn Donnelly have a little hand in them...not part of her range, but reminded me of her style a little. Yup! Paleo for over a year now: I try anyway!! Will do my best to incorporate it into the blog if I can find a 'Design' slant!! Otherwise, if you are the Siobhan of 'Dreaming in Sequins' {fast becoming my 'go to' beauty blog}, maybe we can liase through our mutual friend xx Happy Weekend xx