Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Get lost in Dublin's New Design Triangle - Portobello

Stop what you're doing. You read right.Move towards the kitchen area. Turn on Kettle. Make beverage of choice. Breathe. Relax. And let me take you on a little journey around Dublin's newest Design Triangle of Portobello. This is where I spent some wonderful hours with one of my BFF's last Saturday. 

It'd been a month since we caught up, so it was a really nice opportunity to get together & join one of our combined passions of Design, with a Cuppa + a good ol' gossip! Ah, dontcha need one, every once in a while?!S.& I have the same taste in restaurants/hotels, so, when she suggested Wall & Keogh for our meet, I was delighted to see a gorgeous Café in front of me, when I descended the bus, across the street.
Cool Table Art greeted me both outside & in
As i cosied into this corner by the window, I couldn't help but notice the interesting Interiors surrounding me + took a few snaps while waiting for my coffee & S. Here's just a taster...

It was no hardship to sit awhile, listening to soft tunes playing on the stereo, drinking this... S. & I started what would be a two-part catch-up. But we were concious that there was an exciting venture to go check out around the corner, on Lennox Street:
The Reason we were in this neck of the Canal was I had entered a competition run by the girls, Lisa + Sarah, creators of DUST and won! Yay! It was the first of their competitions {they very generously ran a few} and i was extremely excited to spend my winnings, but also see this new Interiors Pop Up for myself. We were there on the opening day, but it runs until the 27th of October, with plans already for a Christmas Pop Up + a permanent space in  the new year. So, without further ado, I present to you my new favourite space in Dublin -

Lid on Candle Bottle ON...

...Lid on Candle Bottle OFF!

Wallpaper: House of Hackney | Balston Rose

Hard to choose, but My own personal favourite!
Because it's true.

And this was just the FIRST room! I was chatting so much to the girls, I didn't take any pics of their Faux Flower Shop in the next! I may have uttered "Give me a sleeping bag & I'd happily spend the night here", upon exiting. Or not. Depends on how embarassing you think that was.
And so we left, ready for lunch {It's hungry work searching for pretty} and ended up right back where we started, for 'Catch up Part Two' in Wall & Keogh. But, not before popping in to Picado Mexican Pantry just right next door to the Café.
I had a little extra interest in the Interiors here as i follow an Interiors Blog and Alex recently completed the design for the Pantry. I've been following her for a while now, and although we've never met, She has been encouraging + lovely. I could see some of her signature style in the space...

Girl loves her Skulls! And she told me this Sugar Skull belonged to her.

The lovely Daili, who was there on the day
Well, it was pretty much the end to a perfect design day .
And what did i choose in DUST? Another amazing Irish Design Duo, Ail+El, came under my radar a while ago. I found out about DUST and the competition through their Facebook page, so it was only apt that i would come away with one of their, becoming iconic, Concrete Planters -
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  1. Oh I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Picado, Hilda! It was such a great project to work on and I miss it already. Their Mexican hot chocolate is enough to keep me sneaking back. Daili is so fiery and great craic, I could sit in the shop with her all day.

    I hang my head in shame when I say I haven't been to Dust yet! I'm kicking myself for not making it over last weekend for their opening. It looks so scrumptious to my eye balls. Perfect excuse for me to go on Sunday, post-wedding-anniversary celebrating ;)

    Have a fab anniversary weekend Hilda! Enjoy! xx A

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, Alex + how could I NOT like Picado?! However, I would have spent longer there had I known about the Mexican Hot Chocolate!!
      Enjoy DUST + don't forget to tell Auntie Hilda all about it😉
      Happy Anniversary Weekend to you too xx