Thursday, 16 October 2014

Colours of Copenhagen - a Smorgasbord!

Pardon the opening 'Valley Girl' sentence but I've wanted to go to Copenhagen for, like, FOREVER! It's true. It actually became a bit of a running family joke, as one of the first things my mum said to my then new - boyfriend {now = Hubbie} was 'She really wants to go to Copenhagen. You should take her'. Well, Mum, 10 years later; he did.
We were 7 years married last Sunday & my wonderful Hubbie had booked our first 2 nights away from the kids, ever, in Wonderful Copenhagen. I had a zillion things I wanted to do. Top of the list was the Designmuseum Danmark.  But, well, a very different weekend evolved. It evolved. That was the beauty of it. I very quickly realised that I didn't need to go to the Designmuseum as Copenhagen IS a design museum. A living one. Guys, we didn't even visit The Little Mermaid. Shame on us! But we both left, wanting to come back as we felt we only scratched the surface.
What struck me was the Colours of Copenhagen, so I've put together a little Smorgasbord!. 

I also decided to publish my photo's as is. I'm feeling a little realism doesn't go amiss sometimes, so I haven't tinted or cropped, but left the colours natural for you to see...
This is what greeted us at Copenhagen Airport!

The hanging Street Lights

The foyer of Arne Jacobsen's SAS Royal Hotel - A Mecca for Danish Design

His Famous Egg visitor chair

I ♥Finnish Design company - Marimekko

Leading to the Royal Palace, my Hubbie noticed this beautiful flame which announced an Artist's Atelier...

...and a beautiful Courtyard, which led to...

Amazing sculpture by and Contemporary African Art by his Dad!

While we didn't visit the Palace, I was mesmorised by the Theatre Museum which was the private Theatre to the King

Our Boutique Hotel, chosen by my Hubbie, who I've nicknamed 'Mr. Tripadvisor'!

The trendy Meatpacking District, Vesterbro, near our Hotel, where we rambled around for hours last Sunday

The Metro Works become an opportunity for Street Art

Getting Lost is half the fun

Even parking your bicycle is a work of art

The Tivoli Gardens had just opened their Halloween Festival + I took this photo at the entrance♥
I really hope you enjoyed a little taste of Copenhagen, Denmark with me, Hilda by Design (Facebook/Pinterest/Google+ and twitter @mcevoyhilda) 
All photos are my own & if I am lucky enough for you to think them worthy of sharing, please credit me with the appropriate link.
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