Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Year. Fresh Start.

How was your Christmas? I hope it was all you wished for. Ours was really lovely. Time for family and recharging the batteries. I've read & watched more television in the past few days than I have done all year!!
And now thoughts move to New Year's Eve {which is most likely going to be Mac & Cheese and Eton Mess with my little family!} and the new year ahead. I'm an avid 'list maker' and always have plenty of journals on the go too. I love the Internet and Technology but this gal will never let go of the written word. Obviously those around me know this as I received 2 diaries! Both super pretty and I will use both!
Still an avid Orla Kiely fan!

Love this Cath Kidston pattern/print
I bought my little guy's School Calendar and the very next day, won a competition for the most wonderful Calendar from Irish Design Duo, ail + el www.ailandel.com so both will have pride and place in my kitchen.
It will come as no surprise that one half of the talented duo, Eleanor, is a Graphic Artist!

January...Bring It!!!

I'm gonna set up a 'Mummy/Blogging Work Station' in my kitchen. Of course, like a good little blogger I'll take photos as I go. I'm on the lookout for a cute high-stool as it's going to be at one of the counters in the kitchen. In the meantime, all blogging notes will still be written in my notebook from another Super Irish Designer, Ursula Celano...
Well used at this stage!
 ...which I was also lucky enough to win last Christmas {please don't hate me} from the lovely Jen at Moss Cottage, Dundrum www.moss.ie 
Do you use a Diary still? Or journals/notebooks? Whatever way you are going to chronicle your year, I wish you a happy + healthy one and hope that you may continue my Design journey with me? The new year brings my Interior Design course, more designing of our own home & a Masterclass in London on the 31st of January. Exciting times are hopefully ahead. But challenging too! 
Sending Love & Light,
Hilda by Design xx


  1. Merry Christmas!

    I reverted to pen-n'paper diary several months ago as I started to find being on my phone and needing to access diary a tad too much.
    Plus, some things dont need to be listed on the phone calander, but do need to be noted somewhere.
    First to admit, love color coding my paper one!
    Had to get in the habit of syncing both!

    1. Happy Christmas right back Ms Havachat! Hope it's been a lovely one + thanks for taking the time to comment xx I've had a written diary/journal since I was a kid so I don't think I'm gonna change at this stage! Have a little small one in my bag at all times for quick notes too - it has a little detail on the cover from one of my favourite Artists: Alfons Mucha.
      I KNEW you would be a 'paper girl' too! I'd love to get back to writing letters this year too but as it's heading in to a busy year, I'm not making any promises!! Happy 2015 love & hope it's a great one xx

  2. Up to now I've just used a diary and lots (too many) yellow post-its and the like. Christmas presents were packed with notepads and a Cath Kidson journal. I'm hoping it'll keep me on track this year. As a result am expecting to be right on track by end of 2015. Happy New Year to you and your family Hilda. Wishing you one filled with lots of happy memories and successes:)

  3. Oh Yay, Marian! That all sounds lovely xx Thanks loads for taking the time to comment & I REALLY hope that I'll be writing a date in my diary {one of them!} for a meet with you!
    Thank you for all your lovely wishes & I couldn't wish more happiness + continued success for you in 2015 xx