Wednesday, 10 December 2014

'Bonne Maman' Lovin'!

Ah...a wee blog that's been a LONG time coming, this one! I have a little love affair with France. OK.OK. I'll rephrase that. I think I'm French. You know, in a 'previous-life' kinda way?! I'm joking of course, but I guess there's a little grain of truth in it somewhere as my Great-Great Grandmother was French. Her surname was DorĂ©. And that's it. That's ALL I know. I have no idea what part of France she came from, how she came to be part of the family. Rien. Nothing. So, one of these days I'll be doing a little research of my own. But in the meantime, my love affair with the country continues since I sat in my first French class, aged 8 and fell in love with the language to when I visited Paris for the first time {with my then boyfriend....hubbie reads the blogs. 'Nuff said!} to when I moved to Paris at 21....and a lot in between. It's now a distant country that I dream of often, read as much French as I can but rarely get to speak it now and I can feel my French getting rusty. Need a trip back? Bonjour! Now you're speaking my language. 
There are lots of little things that have become 'part of me' because of my 'French Connection' and one little cute thing is that the ONLY jam {yup, jam} that we ever have in the house is Bonne Maman - I changed the jam once and my kids wouldn't touch it!! Ah, my little 'francophones'! When we have finished this yummy goodness, I keep the jar of course! The possibilities are ENDLESS. I love a bottle of beer every once and a while and even drink my beer out of 'em! Here are simply 2 examples. One from one of my 'go to' blogs - Mike Ahern is a genius. His photography and styling are inspirational. Mike painted the inside of the jars and popped in some beautiful flowers from his garden. The effect is simple, pure and beautiful, don't you agree? And one from me! Mine is a little idea for a Christmas Centre piece. 
Photo: Mike Ahern | Brit Decor

Pop a cute ribbon around the rim, add a few baubles or whatever tickles your fancy. Line 'em up  in the centre of your table. Hello Christmas Centre-piece! Photo: Hilda by Design
Hope you enjoy them both and Sincere Thanks to Mike for letting me use his Image. If you want to use mine, please quote the source and share away!

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