Tuesday, 10 June 2014

This quote got me thinking...

So, this one got me thinking. I am reading ALOT at the moment about Interior Design. In fact, bar the odd article in a newspaper, it's pretty much All i'm reading at the moment! I popped this quote up on my Design page this morning and the general consensus was that, yup, this is true. But, it's got me questioning. I agree 90%: this percentage is made up of "If you love it and want it, (and can afford it!), buy it and you will find a place for it. Because you love it. You will make it work": I have always believed this, however I am not alone in this thought so by no means do i make claim to it (Jane Gilheaney Barry recently adhered to this in a Blogpost on That Curious Love of Green for example). I am presuming in the quote, the 'price' is referring to the fact that your item may NOT be expensive? That's how i'm reading it anyway. Otherwise, um, budget DOES come into it for most people, in these more frugal times. And anyway, who doesn't love a bargain? That feeling that you have purchased something for your home and not had to pay the earth?! I guess, one of the aspects of the popular 'upcycling' movement can be atributed to this. But here is where my 10% of wondering comes: It's NO SURPRISE to any of you who knows me, that my favourite Interior's programme of recent times has been The Great Interior Design Challenge. I attribute this programme to sealing my decision to study Interior Design. I could talk solely about this programme, but, maybe that's a future post! In it, in one episode,  Daniel Hopwood & Sophie Robinson remarked on how a contestant had placed a chair, i think, in an Art Deco room which was not the same era. Um...I liked the chair...so, i was left a little perplexed. I am guessing that when I do my course, i will learn more about this, but, I am thinking that this mixing of era's, when the brief was Art Deco, was a big No No. So, how far is too far when it comes to mixing of era's? There you go. There's my opinion. For what it's worth. Would love to hear what you think, so, please feel free to comment below.


  1. I think I know what episode you mean re: the Art Deco chair! Where the woman then had a tiki bar in the corner I think. T'was a bit random. In this case, since the brief was Art Deco, it was very out of place. But for the most part, I love random. And for me, mixing era's makes a lot more sense. For example, I have items in our apartment from every year of my life and every trend I fancied. So yes, it's gonna be a mix of 'eras'. Unless you plan on buying all of your furniture in one go (which is typically a terrible idea) and never buy anything new (also meaning antiques) ever again.

    I heart juxtaposition in design. It's what keeps me interested when I see beautiful florals and skulls and cats and graffiti. Embracing all angles.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time out to comment, Alex! Sorry only seeing it now. Am very interested in this idea of whether it is 'right or wrong' to do something. I think in my amateur state, I am going to have to go with my gut feeling about something! If I like it and think it works, it stays! But when I do my course, I will learn more, eh? You gave me lots of food for thought there, babe and I think I'm gonna have to watch that episode again (yup, have them all recorded and have watched them all twice at least at this stage!)...obsessed much? Moi?