Thursday, 31 July 2014

Photographer: Colm Henry

I'm finally starting to put up the Art & Photography that we own! Much debating has been going on {in my head, mostly!} and placing of frames on walls. Questions asked, like, "How high should I place the frame? How much Art can one room take? And quite simply, Does it suit the room?". So, the fun has begun and I must say, I'm quite excited. I love Photography equally as much as a Painting, so it's apt that one of the first frames to go up on our wall was a photo that I purchased for my U2 - loving husband about 5 years ago. One cold, winter's evening in Dublin, I met photographer, Colm Henry in the Davenport Hotel to pick up my purchase. Colm lives outside of Dublin and so we met in this city centre location. I was familiar with his work. There really isn't one famous Irish musician/band that Colm didn't photograph during the 1980's/90's. His portfolio is much broader than this but this is what he is well-known for. We had said that we would meet in the foyer and he handed over the lovely, large, black frame with my choice of print. To say I was pleased is an understatement. I paid for it and was saying goodbye when he said, " Do you want to have a cup of tea?". Well, if you ever hear of an Irish girl refusing a cup of tea, let me know?! A lovely chat ensued and he was able to give me a little background on the photo: As it's quite unusual and quirky, it was cool to hear that the band were on location in Italy when they came across a Wedding. But, this wedding had already taken place and everything was left behind. There were still half drunk wine bottles on the table! The table was beautifully placed in front of a stunning view and the boys were in a playful mood. As they joked about, Larry ended up with Bono's signature hat on his head and the shot was taken. Wonderful, I think you'll agree? Art is so subjective. To know what YOU like is the most important thing. Nothing else matter's. So, have fun with your Art. If it means something personally to you {such as my own late dad's paintings/photography}, I think it's all the better. But, you can make new memories too.


  1. What a fantastic photo Hilda! I'm not familiar with Colm Henry or his work but I will definitely be checking him out <3 I agree with you wholeheartedly that what you like yourself is all that matters as far as art is concerned. As a fledgling artist (I never thought I would ever see myself type those words!!!!) I try to live by that point of view, as opposed to being led by the worry of whether something is right or wrong, or even considered as art. I let art take me where it will... <3

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time out to comment, Caroline! Delighted you liked the post. He really is a super photographer, so only glad to introduce you! So chuffed to see you finally putting in print exactly what you ARE, babe: an Artist! And look forward to seeing more & more on that front. Come on, join me in Blogging know it's 'in' you xx