Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Out + About: IKEA-Part One!

My love affair with IKEA started in Paris, France when I was 21. I'd recently moved there and we didn't yet have a store in Dublin. My first purchase was a black, wooden side table and I loved it! IKEA was there for the next big chapter in my life: moving in with my {then} boyfriend i.e. Hubbie and now, IKEA belongs to an exciting new phase: the designing of our first house together as a family. I braved the masses at the recent Bank Holiday Weekend here in Dublin and popped in to the Ballymun Branch...for Bookshelves {ahem! I MAY have made one or two extra purchases!!} and couldn't resist a little look around the store while I was there!! I was literally 2 seconds in the store when I spotted these super cute Coloured Glass Vases and as I am collecting coloured glass at the moment for my mantle, I couldn't leave them there, eh? They have actually ended up on the Bookshelves...but, I think that's another day's Blog Post! | These beautiful Screens have a little 'Information Tag' from the Interior Design Team which helpfully describes how they were made | A High Back Armchair with a pretty Autumnal Cushion | A Colourful Chaise Longue and Two-Seater Sofa in Husie Orange and a Customised Table | The same High Backed armchair, this time in Mosta Green | I love the Lövebacken Side Table and it's Retro-Look but when I saw it displayed, I appreciated it's 'Leaf-Like' appearance and speaking of greenery, I love these pails and Cutlery Stands which I would really love in our Kitchen! I'll leave you for the moment with some super-on-trend Insect Cushions {wish I could have seen the Moth Cushion out of it's packaging: I'm sure it's lovely} and some cute, colourful cushions that could look really lovely in a Girl's Bedroom, eh? What's YOUR IKEA experience??


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