Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Our House: Boy's Room

I'm clearing out my little guy's room at the moment, as he enters the next stage: 'Big School'! It's a little feeling that he's growing up and his 'baby' toys should possibly move on to the Charity shop where they may get a new lease of life. There are some toys, however, that I'm not ready to say goodbye to yet! I'm looking for cute ways to store them and came across these two examples which I think are pretty cool-do you? • Have a little 'thing' for Glass Display Domes for a while now!
Toys Cars in a Glass Display Dome

Old Comic Books + A Peanut Container Via


  1. You could do a series of 'before' and after shots. It can be interesting. Can't help with best approach for storing the little lad's toys as didn't have that problem. Maybe storage boxes (not plastic), each labelled for different categories!

    1. You're on my wavelength, Marian! Thanks for taking the time to comment xx It can be adapted to anything you want, can't it? I LOVE a nice candle under a display dome but the world's your lobster!!