Sunday, 17 August 2014

Out + About: Charity Shop: The Treasure Chest

Childvision, is "the only centre in Ireland for the education and training of Visually Impaired Children" and a few parents got together recently and opened a Charity Shop called 'The Treasure Chest' on the grounds. They have lots on offer: Clothes {a green dress to die for that just. wouldn't. fit. Grrrrrrr!!}, Books, Children's Stuff...etc. and a little way down the back, is their homewares section. I had popped in to collect a bookshelf/storage combo for my little girl's room and, um, it was only polite to stay a while. I chatted with the lovely lady who was there on Sunday Morning & asked would it be ok to take a few snaps. And this is what the magpie in me was attracted to that day! I know, that there are so many demands on our hard earned cash these days but, these items were so reasonably priced and it's such a worthy charity. Just Sayin'. The Treasure Chest is located at the Childvision Campus, Gracepark Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9. 

Cath Kidston? Nope. But Cute, eh?

This piece was long + tall + stunning 

Ready for some Hilda by Design lovin'!

A 50c Tea Light Holder on our new book shelf

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