Sunday, 10 August 2014

Visit to Padstow, Cornwall

WARNING: This is a frustrated Blog Post. Why? Because the first time we visited the Beautiful Fishing Village of Padstow, Cornwall, our little guy was only 1 year old. At this stage, children may sleep at some stage and you can pop 'em in a stroller and meander your way around the town. This time, we visited with a five year old and a three year old. Yup. Meander? Run, more like!! Ah, our little darlings had ideas of their own and these mostly involved eating Cornish Ice Cream {Double Yum!} and not, most surprisingly, visiting the numerous beautiful Interiors/Gourmet Stores dotted around the town! So, I peered from afar mostly but the first stop had to be the deli section of Rick Stein's Padstow Empire. It was here we got some take away Cornish Pasties on our last visit and I was eager to repeat. The building itself is impressive as it's a huge Industrial looking Barn. Old Fishing factories, I would say. The first part houses a store, fish & chip shop and gourmet section. As you walk in to the town, you pass Stein's Restaurant and further in still, you come across his Café and Gift Shop. If you have been, please let me know if I am omitting something!! I loved the Coastal Interiors i saw while in Cornwall and Stein's didn't dissapoint. As we walked through the town, just near the Café, we came across these Almshouses. My kids were entranced. Padstow is a spot that I think I can visit again & again and still, experience something new. Some fine dining in Stein's Restaurant would be really lovely in the future but for now, we were happy with pasties on a bench, in the sunshine xx

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    1. Ketty, thanks so much for taking the time to comment and that is high praise indeed coming from you xx I was only thinking yesterday when I saw your last post from France, how wonderful your photo's are!! Merci plein fois xx

  2. Beautiful Hilda. Love it. I am a fan of Rick Stein and now of Padslow...I am sold. Heard great things about Cornwal..including your own experiences. Looks like food for the creative soul. Bet it was a haven of delights. Looks like you had a fab family holiday. Thanks for sharing. X

    1. Sue, thanks so much for taking the time to comment xx I KNOW you will love Padstow & everything about it when you get there someday! It's a huge bonus if you are a Rick Stein fan!!