Thursday, 21 August 2014

'Share it Friday' #1

  • Have noticed for a while that I've tended to want to share what might be happening at the weekend/something interesting that's caught my eye/something I'm up to myself. And this tends to occur on a FRIDAY! Hence: 'Share it Friday'! It feels pretty random at the moment, as, as you know, I'm learning my craft and might I add, enjoying every second. So, here's my little roundup for today xx It comes at a funny time as I'm going to take a little 'Blog Break', what with a lovely Family wedding on the horizon and both my little one's starting school {eek!}, I need to be "Just Mum", but, I'll be back, after the settling in period...for all of us!! Hope you'll still be here.
    A super talented Friend. For more information: 
    A long-time fan of Welsh Designer, Sian Elin-this is a 'sneek peek' of her new notebooks!! 
    Some of my weekend reading-from the Library

    Retro VW Love 

    More Retro Lovin': this time, a Tea Caddy from the fabulous

    A broken plate meant a new one had to be purchased. Mental note: Buy extra if I like a range! There was a different range of CDe {Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic at Dunnes Stores}, on left, but, hey, I like it too!!!

    And I leave you with the words on EVERY French person's lips! C'est la rentrĂ©e! Back to School! 

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