Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hilda by Design: An explanation & update....

Bloggers Block,I think it's called. Yup. Apparently it comes to us all at some stage! Mine has been a strange one. It's not that I dont't have a list of Blogs that I could write, it's  just that...well, here's where it started:
The Beautiful Surroundings of the Four Seasons Hotel, Dublin {Photo: My Own}
I know, right? As my husband would say "Are your Diamond shoes too tight?"!! 

It's like this. One of my little one's had been sick that week and the world, as you know it, stops turning when they're sick. I was exhausted. It was the weekend of the Ideal Home Show here in Dublin and I really didn't want to miss it. I had planned to go to it on the Saturday, meet up with a lovely lady I met a few months ago {Sorry Again, Marian!} but it just wasn't gonna happen. By the Saturday evening, however, things were looking brighter and I was able to venture in on the Sunday. 
I normally grab a take - away coffee and whatever form of breakfast I can find en route but THIS morning, that just didn't cut it. I needed a 'treat coffee' {am I the only person who calls it that?}. I always get there early, It was cold and I had never been inside the Four Seasons. The minute I walked in, I knew I was going to have a hard time leaving. I recieved a lovely, friendly welcome and found a beautiful foyer reception area, in relaxing neutral tones with High Backed Chairs near the windows. Sunday papers were on offer and I picked one up, ordered a coffee and sank into the chair. Halfway through the coffee, I was emmersed in the Sunday Business Post and, well, Ideal Home Show? Sorry...What now? 
I DID get up. I DID go. It took all my might to move from that cosy position, seen above, but do ya know what? The minute I walked in to the Colortrend Room Set Section, the tired Hilda that had walked in to that beautiful hotel was gone. I was very lucky 'cos I started to chat with THE lovliest Interior Designer and as if by Interior Magic, the spark was lit. The flame was burning. And and hour and a half later, I reluctantly left the Colortrend Section - only because there was a talk I wanted to attend & I was starting to run out of time. And because, my lovely husband was at home minding the little one that was recovering from sickness.

                   Hilda by Design is a team effort

A blog will be most definitely written on the show. I promise. 

In the meantime, I'd like to share little pieces of news:

  • I update my Facebook page Monday-Friday {with the odd sneaky weekend post} and it hit 300 'likes' this weekend! Eek! Something I could never imagined would happen when I started it on the 28th of February. So, Simply, Thank You. I think you know by now how much your support means to me.
  • I bought my Domain name! Something you are supposed to do at the start of blogging, when you are happy with your chosen blog name but, to be honest, I had to grow into 'Hilda by Design' a little. That's just me. And now it's part of me. I dont know where IT ends, and I begin. So, I am now officially ! I'm a dot com!
And then...well, I'm a Christmas baby - due on Christmas Day {"Happy Christmas! Enjoy your turkey dinner in Hospital"!} and I arrived on the 22nd of December: a nightmare for my family who feel like they either A. Have to get me one LARGE present or B. get me 2 presents when they are already rushing about trying to organise Christmas. I can, hand on my heart, honestly say that it doesnt bother me in the slightest. As I get older, presents have changed in meaning...but...well, that wonderful hubbie I mentioned gave me an early birthday present this weekend and I'm still pinching myself to be honest! I'll be attending Sophie Robinson & Daniel Hopwood's Masterclass in London on the 31st of January!!!! I spent yesterday on cloud 9 and I think I may have made my way down to Cloud 8 at the time of writing but, my feet definitely havent touched the ground yet. Details are here, on their website if you are interested. 
So, here endeth the strangest blog that I have written and will probably ever write but it needed to be written for me to move on. I  hope that makes sense? Have a wonderful Monday, whatever you do xx


  1. Well done you!
    Congratulations and well deserved x

    1. Yay! Ms Havachat! Lovely to 'see' you here.
      Really appreciate that you took the time to comment + thank you for your lovely words! To say I'm excited is a MAJOR understatement xx